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Sunday-Thursday: 4pm-12am
Friday-Saturday: 4pm-4am
Closed: Halloween, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, , Labor Day, etc, etc.

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The Starlite Diner

Bringing deliciousness . . .

We firmly believe that the world does not stop after 9 o'clock at night, and by Jove, neither does everyone's appetite, the Starlite Diner wants to be there for anyone who might have an attack of the late night munchies!


As much as we can, our diner tries to serve top grade Colorado products like Aspen Ridge beef which is cruelty and hormone free, as well as grass fed.  We also get our sausage from Polidori, an award winning Colorado company that has been in business since 1925.


Whether it is craft soda from the Rocky Mountain Soda Company or savory slider rolls from Harvest Moon bakery, the Starlite loves to promote local companies and tries it's best to have a small carbon footprint for the environment. And at the same time offering delicious quality food, that's both inventive and satisfying.